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LM Engagement helps progressive organizations to influence public opinion and win political change through community engagement campaigns. We provide customized deep canvassing services to achieve your goals and shift your work from transactional to TRANSFORMATIONAL.

What is Deep Canvassing?

Deep Canvassing is a method for having persuasive, one-on-one conversations grounded in curiosity, empathy, and sharing personal experiences. (The New Conversation Initiative) Deep canvassing is also the only method PROVEN to have a lasting impact of changing people’s minds on tough political issues.

LM Engagement provides customized services to incorporate the principles and practices of deep canvassing into any and all aspects of your organization's community engagement work, including: script development, hiring, canvasser training, leadership coaching, program design, project management, and evaluation.


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LM Davis

Meet LM

Laura Marie (LM) Davis is provides training and program consultation to organizations across the US and Canada. She began her career as an AmeriCorps Member in rural Ohio, serving as a liaison to facilitate dialogue between local landowners, government officials, and conservation professionals. After managing community engagement and volunteer programs for several environmental organizations she joined the deep canvassing movement in 2019, breaking new ground as part of an innovative nationwide experiment to change voters' attitudes towards undocumented immigrants. She has since managed several multi-state deep canvassing projects and provides professional coaching for the Deep Canvass Institute. LM holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment.

"My naturally strong sense of empathy makes me an exceptional communicator and relationship-builder. I put these skills to use in support of grassroots organizations whose programs empower communities to make progressive change. As a Coach and Trainer, I lay the foundation for team cultures that prioritize honesty, communication, and mutual support."


LM was a huge asset to developing our deep canvass on climate and energy in a heavy industry company town. Their ability to listen and strategically advance the script development process was invaluable. Any organization working with LM would be lucky!

Montana Burgess

Executive Director, Neighbours United

Team culture and connectivity don't just happen: it requires honing, skills, and space, as well as grace for individuals to grow into the best versions of themselves. LM facilitated and nurtured this growth flawlessly.

Jen Oleniczak Brown

Organizer and Communications Coach

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