Our Mission

Empower people to engage in courageous conversations, build community across differences, and change the narratives about who we are and how we can be.

Our Vision

Communities where people come together across differences to take care of each other.

What We Do

Our training experiences give individuals the skills and confidence to engage in effective and respectful conversations about tough topics. We teach people how to listen non-judgmentally, practice compassionate curiosity, and share from personal experience to find understanding across differences.

We provide Customized In-person and Virtual Training Experiences: We offer professional development that’s suited uniquely to your group’s unique needs, interests and experiences. (No rigid program structure or unnecessary jargon.)

Meet LM

Laura Marie (LM) Davis is provides training to organizations across the US and Canada to improve communication among diverse teams and ultimately create stronger communities. She began her career as an AmeriCorps Member in rural Ohio, serving as a liaison to facilitate dialogue between local landowners, government officials, and conservation professionals. After managing community engagement and volunteer programs for several environmental organizations she joined the deep canvassing movement in 2019, breaking new ground as part of an innovative nationwide experiment to change voters' attitudes towards undocumented immigrants. She has since managed several multi-state deep canvassing projects and provides professional coaching for the Deep Canvass Institute. LM holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment.


"I learned so much about how to have effective conversations when we approach voters from vastly different backgrounds. I gained the self-awareness that I need to listen more and talk less, and frankly, I plan to communicate that to everyone I meet. Thank you LM!"

Alexis Gomes

A woman outside wearing sunglasses in a conversation with a man wearing a baseball cap

LM has been a huge asset to the success of our community engagement programs thanks to their ability to listen deeply and respond to the unique needs of our team members. Any organization working with LM would be lucky!

Montana Burgess

Exec. Director, Neighbours United

Our Values

A woman with long hair in a coat knocking on the front door of a house


Taking a leap of faith; Trying something new or different when you can’t know for sure whether it will “work.”


Finding common ground with one another - even if it’s just being human.


Imagining new possibilities and bringing them to life - together!